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Working in the am-dram circuit, we understand it's not always easy to afford the 'luxury' of a professional videography service. To combat this our rates are based around a small base rate and a per-disc charge. This means you and your cast can enjoy a high quality memory without having to fork out a small fortune and, depending on how much you charge your cast for copies, your overall costs could be minimal or even non-existent! With our loyalty programme you can also save on base rates and enjoy a bespoke relationship with Blackbeard Entertainment.

In order to provide the most bespoke service we can, we offer four packages (Pirate, First Mate, Captain and Commodore), each one designed to fit around your organisation's needs. Click on a title to read more about each package.

Please note: Prices below are for a single edit of a filmed performance. If you require multiple edits (e.g. due to changing casts) each will count as a separate fee. For First Mate and Commodore packages, multiple edits can be presented either together on the same media (e.g. your cast can purchase one DVD with both edits) or separately (e.g. your cast can purchase each edit as a separate DVD). Please provide details of this in your Filming Request Form.

On top of our base rates, per-disc fees also apply to the First Mate and Commodore packages. These are charged per copy you order, meaning you never pay for more than you need. There is a minimum order of 5 copies and more information on per-disc fees can be found here.

Ready to go? Find our Services Request form here

*Base rate is the charge for filming and editing one performance with a two-camera setup. Additional performances can be filmed at a charge of £25 per performance.

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